Friday, July 25, 2008


I've read some pretty motivational books about setting goals (Jack Canfield) and I know that it works - for me anyway. Long term, short term, daily, weekly, annually. I make lists, write on the calendar, post reminders to myself and I repeat my mantra "yes, I can get all this done. It's easy" and usually it is. I am also a procrastinator. I have a big goal coming up, for a project I've repeatedly work on and then set aside, for 10 years. I now have 113 days left and only 1/3 of the project done (in draft). Hehehehe. I like a little pressure too, that's why I procrastinate. Let's see if I cross this finish line on time.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Dandelions are dead

Ignorant and obnoxious = toxic. I am searching for an antidote for toxic people. I was going to try and use dandelion milk but my tresspassing, small minded, poisonous neighbors infested my poor dandelions and killed them. Why are people always killing the things I love? Why?

I eat my dandelions and I feed them to my bunnies. They don't hurt a thing. When I wasn't looking these shit-for-brains neighbors came into our fenced back yard and sprayed them dead. What gall! I came within inches of bleaching their garden and I can assure you I was getting more nutritional value from my dandelions than they were from their garden growth.

Jim & Jean Lewis, Seward Alaska, are Poison people. I locked the doors in fear that they might come into the house and throw out any food in my fridge that they don't like. Assholes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I wonder if I am disparaging a real animal when I call some "quilt designers" dingbats? These idiots think they can draft up a Roman Square and call it their own design. What bullshit.
and, get this, they email me to see if I'll advertise their crap. Copies of free totebag patterns being pawned off as "their pattern" complete with a price tag! Greedy, stupid cups of sour milk. Ignorant iron brains. And don't get me started on the ones who design stuff on EQ and don't even make the quilt and call it a pattern! It's not a pattern, it's clipart! What crap heads.

My week

It started on Monday, when I took a wicked hit to the face by a stump. Wednesday I developed a UTI. Did I see the DR right away? No, I'm stupid & tried all the home recipes. Friday I got to the DR but by then the pain was interesting. Saturday a dog bit me and the alternator went out on my car. Sunday got a bad toothache and I discovered a huge red swollen bug bite on my leg. I'm kind of afraid what next week will bring. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...I'm late....

If you aren't laughing by now, you need to watch a comedy show or have someone tickle you until you do laugh.

Ok, the UTI symptons are better, the bites (dog and bug) will heal and the car is fixable. The stump is history and, after all, I am almost 50. I still do have a lot to be grateful for. I'm going to go make a list........