Sunday, August 23, 2009

Once upon a time.......

...there was a woman who did know how to be nice. She only knew how to make this one mad at that one and sit back and laugh while others stewed. Sometimes people caught onto her game and got mad at her, others just left, and others liked the excitement of never knowing who was going to be up or down and waited eagerly for every installment of insanity!

One day one of the ones that left found out: there's more than one of these bat-shit crazy manipulative self-center-of-teh-universe (yes, I know I spelled that wrong!) females and she CRIED! "Why, oh why do they keep popping up in my life" she wailed to the rainy sky. "Avoid them like the plague, I do, [Yoda voice] and yet they pop up like pustules in lower regions", she bemoaned. Because, you see, she made a friend but that dear friend had an adult child. And the adult child was a misbegotten replica, albeit a piss poor copy not capable of even the most rudimentary finesse, of the original woman.

A manipulator with the cheapest skills, obvious and low, using base lies and crude mis-information to twist and tweak, not at all like the original, who's skills were known far and wide and whose probing malfeasance required deep discernment.

And the one-who-left laughed and laughed at the cheap imitation! "You cannot play your silly games with me," she cried! "I have learned from the BEST and I shall smite you like the flea that you are!"

....stay tuned. I am SURE there will be more!