Friday, February 29, 2008

Quilt Top

Or, in my words, that useless pile of fabric you think is a quilt. Here's the golden rule of quilts - it's not a quilt until it's quilted. PERIOD. A pile of tops is a waste of fabric. Let that sink in.

You have 3 choices and aren't you glad I'm here to help? Quilt it yourself. No excuses. Stitch it in the ditch if you can't do anything else and even a household pet can stitch in the ditch. Just do it.

You can't? You really can't? Then hire a quilter to do it. Oh, you couldn't pay someone to quilt your precious quilt? Did you pay for the fabric? The batting? The thread? The pattern? I think you see where this is going. Pay to have it quilted. Can't afford it? See option 1.

Can't do either? Give it away and switch to a quilt-as-you-go style. At least then you'll be a quiltmaker instead of a useless-pile-of-fabric-maker.

Blog Surfing

I love the internet but even more, I'm learning to love reading blogs! I've got some great bookmarks and access to blog rings and I waste more quality time there, reading blogs and looking at pictures, than I did watching tv.

I don't watch tv much anymore, I found it a huge waste of time and I *hated* the commercials. Now I just surf blogs that I like, and on almost every one of them I learn something new!

That's always been my second favorite entertainment activity anyway (reading being #1) I love to learn new stuff. I take classes for free from HP, I learn about all kinds of stuff I don't understand from Wiki or EHow, I belong to great lists of quilters who share their experiences and now I read the blogs of doers and learn how they do stuff! Some people are happy channel surfing on tv ~ give me a computer and mouse and I'm just as happy blog surfing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What's Your Name?

I am a 'didiot'. That's my word. I do stuff, not always right and never perfect, but at least I tried and I usually keep at it, trying to get better and learn as I keep doing. I am an idiot who tried and did - didiot.

I know a lot of 'wannabums'. "I'm gonna...." is their mantra, while they sit on their bums. "Someday I wanna....". Get off your bum and DO IT. Don't waste your time by being a wannabum, try it out, do it, even if it's not perfect, and proudly call yourself a didiot. :)