Friday, August 13, 2010

I hate being angry!

Could the neighbors please keep their dog on a leash and give me my deposit back and stop quoting me an entirely new balance from whatever creative accounting software they use every stinking time I email them? Thieves and reivers.

How hard of a concept can it be to respect other people and their property?

Now I have to go see how many of my rabbits that dog killed.

If I could find someone who will fight with I'd give them all the money owed me, or donate it to charity.

I SO dislike arguing, fighting or trying to teach inconsiderate people that *I* have rights too! It disrupts my harmony. DAMN. Just when I was getting things done and happily chugging along. Now I'm slamming things and discombobulated.

Oh, and the worthless piece of crap that quit on the fishing boat messed up the washing machine. What a surprise. Eighteen and probably never done a load of laundry in his life. I want to smack his mother for bringing up such a worthless sub-human and enabling him to remain worthless, as I am sure she will. I'm sure NOTHING is ever his fault.