Friday, January 25, 2008

QUILT ME © ® ™ Patented Process, Registered Name, Trademarked Phrase

© ® This protectionism in quilting has gotten out of hand. What started out as a reasonable effort (and don't get me started on how effective it is - look at all the people who still violate copyright protections!) to 'register and protect' artistic quilt content under United States copyright law has now become a freaking free for all on getting as many stupid symbols behind your Cutsie Pie name as possible.

I am sick of seeing these symbols on every single quilty thing I look at. Now™even™normal©quilting™words™and 'commonly used phrases'® have all stupid symbols beside them. GET OFF IT PEOPLE!

And you *&#^*# people who copy protected works and give it to your friends - grow up and respect the designers and their work. STOP STEALING. Then maybe designers, writers, and every other creative genius out there can Cut The Crap™ on this symbol overdose.

3/27/08 - Oh lookeee - Seth Godin agrees with me!

Borders on Quilts

I hate borders! Borders are for holding people (and quilts) back! Let your quilt be free! Repeat after me..."we don't need no stinking borders!"

How 'normal' are borders? White bread. Wonder Bread. Go Rye - put a strip of fabric on 1 side and call it a border! Let the other three sides be free!

Liberate your quilt from this mindless expansion. "Oh" you say, "I only have enough blocks for a twin and I want to have a double sized quilt". Well - do you know anyone that big?

If the quilt is big enough to cover most of a person, it's perfect! Put a binding on it and give it to them and move on to a project that doesn't have borders.