Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Bailout! - with Links

Read an economist (NOT politician's!) view here. Google your senator and congressional represenatative's name and send him/her an emal - NO BAILOUT!

Here's the CEO of BB&T: “This is a housing value crisis,” Allison wrote. “It does not make economic sense to purchase credit card loans, automobile loans, etc. The government should directly purchase housing assets, not real estate bonds. ...

He adds the primary beneficiaries of the proposed rescue are Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). The U.S. Treasury, he says, is “totally dominated by Wall Street investment bankers,” and “cannot be relied on to objectively assess all the implications of government policy on all financial intermediaries.”

Allison also said it is “inappropriate that the debate is largely being shaped by the financial institutions who made very poor decisions.”

From a professor at Columbia, an economist: "The administration is once again holding a gun at our head, saying, "My way or the highway." We have been bamboozled before by this tactic. We should not let it happen to us again. There are alternatives."

Guess who is paying all the Representatives and Senators that are voting FOR the guessed right!! Wall street bankers who created this phoney crisis!

I am guessing that these same banks own a few newspapers...... Remember Chicken Little - - just because they say the sky is falling doesn't mean that it is - it only means that their sky and their golden parachutes are hoo for them.

Did you notice that the day after the bailout vote of NO that stocks rose half again!! What part of the sky is falling is that? How much media coverage did THAT get???

And speaking of stupid ideas that are all out insane for America......

I cry every night for what a joke this nation has become, in my lifetime. I am ashamed of us.