Friday, April 17, 2009

Real Heros

Real people, making a heroic effort to save other people, they are my heroes!

I am tired of being disgusted with assinine headlines about stupid "stars", arrogant actors written by clueless "reporters" who wouldn't know a good story if it were hand delivered to their door.

Hurray for Captain Richard Phillips, Captain Chelsey Sullenberger III, Co-Pilot Jeff Skiles and all of our military forces who are the real heroes for us all to look up to!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monetize your Blog!

Guess what it tells me about you when I land on your blog and have to scroll halfway down the page of ads just to see who you are and what you are about?

It tells me you'd rather sell me something than talk to me.

Can you hear the door slam as I leave your blog?

Seriously. Think that tactic over before you do it, because what it says to me is "I want to make a buck offaya and I don't wanna waste a lotta effort doin' it"

See ya.

There's much to much great content on the internet for me to even waste the effort of scrolling down past that crap. You didn't sell me anything and I'll never get to know you. Your loss.

If, OTOH, you write great stuff, post interesting photos and have some interesting ads on the side or bottom of your blog, well, that might interest me ... because now I know you and I know if we have something in common.

What do the ads on your blog say about you?